A 13 week guided journal to cultivate a happier, more intentional money mindset

Develop a positive, intentional relationship with money and learn how to align your money habits with your goals and desires in life.

Available in print and digital.

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Gratitude practice meets money mindset overhaul

  • Build a conscious, positive relationship with money
  • Explore your beliefs and emotions around money and how they shape your behaviours
  • Build a continuous gratitude practice and money ritual
  • Align your money behaviours and habits with your individual goals and desires

13 Weeks to a New Money Mindset

5 minutes per day for gratitude and money mindset awareness.

30-60 minutes per week for a new set of journaling prompts each week to dive deep into your emotions, beliefs, desires, and fears around money and build your new money mindset from the ground up.

Monthly intentions, review, and income tracking.

Inspiring money mindset quotes, money belief and situation lists. Plenty of space for your notes.

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